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Sump Units

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Yeti designs and manufactures stainless steel sump drains to suit your project requirements. Sumps are a great solution for collection of stormwater or waste water in situations where it isn’t practical to install a linear drainage system. Standalone sumps are for drainage sumps which are independent from other channel runs. Inline sumps are drainage sumps which are linked to channel drainage systems and offers a seamless integrated collection and discharge point. View the options above for more info and reach out to discuss your project in more detail.

Photo of John Bohm at Yeti Civil Products


I am John from Yeti Civil Products. I want to make sure you find the exact stainless steel drain, grate, entry mat or walkway solution for your drainage needs.

We custom design and make our products and we have some modular systems also.

Have a look through our website catalogue and/or give me a call to talk about the best drainage options for your project.