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Yeti drainage system for Steggles

Yeti Stainless drains Steggles

Yeti successfully delivered and project managed the installation of 150m of custom specialised drainage systems for a factory upgrade at the Steggles food production plant in Laverton, Victoria.

It was critical that the drainage system had integrated falls to ensure no stagnant wastewater was in the base of the channels for continuous flow and hygiene. Yeti visited the site many times during the project stages. In our initial visits, we established the client's needs and how the system needed to be integrated with existing systems. Part of the information we collect in the early stages is to fully establish the use case, including the types of chemicals and waste captured in the system and operational requirements such as filtering and cleaning. Once we were engaged to proceed with the project, we worked extremely closely with the civil contractor and asset owner to ensure that the site setup and our drainage system, which was in production, would come together correctly on installation day.


we worked extremely closely with the civil contractor and asset owner

We provided a site welder to the project and, as a team, worked together to ensure that the system's setup, installation, site welding and concreting were executed flawlessly. Our many prompt site visits at critical project milestones paid off and ensured that the end client was kept in the loop with what we were doing and knew what to expect from our system.

Our drainage system has been well received, with plenty of positive feedback from the civil contractor and asset owner. The overall system design, installation and product finish have surprised the asset owner positively.

The overall system design, installation and product finish has been a positive surprise to the asset owner.

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