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Yeti Connect Poolside

Yeti Connect is our advanced stainless steel drainage system designed for ease of installation, superior drainage performance and outstanding aesthetics.

Our client was upgrading and rejuvenating the paving around an existing pool in this application. Using our Connect system, they were able to install our drainage systems themselves and create a beautiful and functional border around their pool.

Yeti Connect is a highly functional drainage system that increases the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping or external drainage project.

Our client has been very happy with the outcome of this project and invited us out for a look. Our drain is a small component of this project but it really helps to add some wow factor and some colour contrast in the pavers. Using Yeti Connect drains as a border also helps to create a visual and tactile border to set agreed proximity limits with little ones.

More information on the Yeti Connect system can be found here:

Yeti Connect Product Page

Yeti Connects adds bling to your project
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I am John from Yeti Civil Products. I want to make sure you find the exact stainless steel drain, grate, entry mat or walkway solution for your drainage needs.

We custom design and make our products and we have some modular systems also.

Have a look through our website catalogue and/or give me a call to talk about the best drainage options for your project.